Digesting trauma

Dr Svoboda mentioned in one of his Aghori books a reference made to the use of fire in speech, stating that talking through something can actually burn it off. However, he also mentioned, that continuing to talk about it starts to create an identity for the host who continues to align with the trauma.

Fine line.

And sometimes when you're good with something you may find people you know want to continue the drama on your behalf. There is nothing so deliciously addictive as focusing on someone else's problems to avoid your own. Be mindful of creating the right space around healing. Support can come in many parts - the first part may be the talking, the second part may be the nourishing, the third part may be the fun. Different for each person but know that you might need different places and people for each phase.

Secondly, taking digestive herbs can be immensely helpful, of course depending on how you tend to react to trauma according to your body type. Trauma is an experience holding the host hostage and the best way is not around but through - eat it! I think of Krishna at these times when he reveals to Arjuna the whole universe in his mouth - the glory and the horror. The feelings around trauma can shut down the digestive system and turn the food you are eating to ama. The ama needs to be processed.

Talking is one way to "digest" the trauma but "eating" is another.

Love, Sandra@a+W

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