Coconut oil is cold and moist, so is ice cream

I did this. I considered the temperature outside in Melbourne which has been a hot, dry one this Summer and I enjoyed some sneaky ice cream in that justification. I also swathed myself in coconut oil.

Ordinarily I would probably get away with it. This year I relocated to the city and increased my Vata dosha and make my internals cold. 

And then I got a Kapha  cold disorder of mucousy congestion that made me sound all clogged up and so sleepy post meals. I am remedying with some Trikatu (hot digestive). Normally the smell of it would give me diarrhoea.

So, silly me. I went with habit rather than looking at my internal environment mixed not fully appreciating how much a relocation can set you back. It's kind of like flying but on the ground.

You're going to get a bunch of blogs/emails talking about the seasonal adjustment coming soon for Equinox. It's only relevant in balance, otherwise go inside to see the real weather.

Love, Sandra@a+W

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