Be conscious of exposing yourself

The women's movement - I should be able to just wear what I want without repercussion.

That's flat out naïve, generalist and damn irresponsible messaging for the developing mind. It would be refreshing for the women's movement to focus on our varied stages of female development and how, depending on the personality, the stable lifestyle, the ability to form healthy relationships and a personal connection to their own version of source, they have the ability to be more outward.

Here's the explanation, Ayurvedically speaking - 
When you have a weak constitution and you get sick often, we would offer that you would need to take extra care to protect yourself. Good ojas or immunity comes from well digested food. That food comes from the information we take in from all five senses. A good Ojas leads to a sense of self worth and confidence. You know who you are - you effect others, you are not affected. Until then you protect yourself from the elements, from intense situations, from unhealthy food, from animalistic men. You protect whilst you build.

You cannot change the minds of those around you. If you have sub standard men looking to take possession of your weaker self, there is little to protect other than law. We don't consider the energetic exchange that is happening in that situation. When a women feels unprotected, a lack of self confidence, she is easily manipulated (like a bug can easily manipulate a weakened immune system). It is important to be conscious and careful.

One cannot solely rely on laws as Ojas. This is not taking responsibility for your own wellbeing. 

When a woman is strong, powerful, established in her Self, she creates an aura so strong her perpetrators are not interested. I've seen them, most memorably in Cuba when a group of 3 women sashayed down the street, replete in lycra glory,  owing it - that remained fixed in my mind as a wonderful display of goddess power. 

So from there, I hope all women concentrate on building that wild woman self from the inside, the rest is just false security.

Love, Sandra@a+W

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