A different look at the US gun debate

There is a saying I heard somewhere, from one of our great teachers, that when working with Vata dosha, you shouldn't take something away without replacing it. The reason is a void is created.

Now void can be positive in terms of spaciousness or greater peripheral vision or foresight or the bigger picture.

It can also feel like loneliness, emptiness, being invisible, of no value, gullible, exposed.

So let's take the gun debate. I was watching a video on FB where some guy gave up his gun for the cause that he'd had for many years. As he's telling the story he holds the gun across his chest (across his heart) and it came to me.

It's his Ojas, his protector.

At a very base level it is used as a gross manifestation of Ojas. Since the idea of Ojas is so subtle, it requires a subtle kind of lifestyle. The more distant we get from our source of spirit, the more we hold onto material things to protect us.

And so, to wrench this away from gun owners without replacing it with another source of protection, is possibly one of the reasons they don't see reason. Because looking at it prima facie, dead children are a no brainer right?

One way to get to the root of this is to ask them, with compassion - what does it mean for you? 

Hey America, what do you need to feel protected?

Love, Sandra@a+W

Sandra RadjaComment