Your education may be letting you down

Each one of us had a different type of schooling but in terms of how a system operates, based on filling the Industrial revolution agenda, we were taught what to know, not how to think.

Which might lead you to ask a practitioner "What should I eat?" rather than "What are my tendencies?"  or even better "How do I thrive?"

The first hands over the reins, just like we waited for the teacher to tell us if we were right or wrong. The second loosens the grip of the reins so you get to pull them to your person and put them in your pocket - your senses are now messengers that let you know whether you, the host, works from the inside, or is pulled by the outside. 

Between your state of balance and the pull of worldly affairs are your senses. Who works for who?

Love, Sandra@a+W

Sandra RadjaComment