Why bite sized

I've reintroduced myself back into a+W with a new perspective of simple.

Listening, paying attention and breaking down information requires a fire. In order to flame your digestive fire, when the environment is erratic, we may suggest eating 4 meals/day. Smaller meals that don't put too much effort on the digestive system and help to create a rhythm in the system.

Taking in new ideas are best eaten in the right capacity.

Here's how to make the most of new ideas that come your way -
1. Read new information before a meal rather than after. If you have digestive upset, taking in information after a meal will take on the same discomfort.
2. Break down new information in parts and "eat" it at the same time each day, ideally when you're most alert.
3. Drink a digestive tea when learning - it can help

Love Sandra@a+W

Sandra RadjaComment