What do you stand for?

I know I carry on about Vata a lot but she's the mover and shaker - without her fire is but a twinkle in the big bang's eye and earth and water sit with their knapsack on the side of the road waiting for a ride. She's driving them all to hell or high water.

Anyways, what do you stand for? I am a little bit addicted to the words and musings of Seth Godin - marketing guru (well I think so) that is rebranding marketing with heart. He says to you often - what do you stand for?

And I thought, that is a really good question for us to think about from a Vata perspective. Using the phrase "in good standing" means the person has credibility and worth. To be upstanding is also another expression in the same vein. And to stand for something would assume you might take on the traits of the previous expressions.

From an Ayurvedic perspective it gives you the impression that when something comes to ground it doesn't move, it is fixed. So one way to calm your Vata is to hold strong on a mission, a date, a promise. Keep your word. be reliable.

Vata out of balance is wishy washy. Don't be wishy washy or your organs may not turn up on time as promised either.

As Vivekananda said "The external environment is the internal environment writ large"

Love, Sandra@a+W

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