Sing to eliminate

Take a deep breath they say.

But where did you draw that breath from? Most will start from the upper chest to take that breath from. In order to take a deep breath it involves a kind of surrender or creating a space in the lower belly, the pelvis.  

The way to reach that space is to learn to drop the nervous system that wants to jack everything up to the neck. When we lose integrity down below we try and hold ourselves up with tension.

You can utilise Ayurveda to calm Vata dosha.

And you can sing. Holding a note on exhale and letting the air completely move through the body will naturally drop the shoulders. Try singing out a long note and holding the shoulders up - really hard to do.

So sing it baby. And if you might dance and shake the body it might feel like it brings up all the tension that releases through the voice.

Then taking in your next breath will really uplift your spirits. 

(This idea came to me whilst sing my heart out to Sunday morning gospel on the radio here in Melbourne.)

Love, Sandra@a+W

Sandra RadjaComment