Is your opinion qualified?

Consider this. 

Ama. A really ncie sounding word (sooo much nicer than toxins) which literally translates as "undigested food". Now in Ayurveda we consider food information that you receive through the 5 senses, not just through the mouth. When the digestive fire is low and you are unable to process things, including relationships, they remain as something undigested and in a form that does not know how to make tissue according to how your view your ego.

If the ego is weak then this undigested food can become it's own master and turn into cancer. Autoimmine is also another way to describe toxins that are stronger than the host.

In a milder sense they can have their own opinions too - they are bullies, you see, and can push their agenda before the soft, gentle, wise you has a chance to take part.

Here's a pro tip for your relationships - are you qualified to see the situation for what it is? Or is it the junk in your trunk that's doing the talking?

It's an idea to see whether you can create pause before reacting to see what the reality of the situation is. Acknowledging you may not be right leads to a world of possibility.

Love, Sandra@a+W

Sandra RadjaComment