"I'm busy" said the slave to the Vata demon

One of a+W readers, Toni, wrote me with her own musings on Vata dosha - 

"I’ve been pondering just how much of when we’re out of balance/unwell/confused etc seems to come back to Vata getting seriously out of whack. I wonder if it’s always been that way since Ayurveda was first formulated or whether it’s a more recent thing in our crazy world these days for it to be so prominent?"

How are you? "I'm busy".

Can I ask a quick question "I'm busy".

How's the kids? "We're pretty busy."

Conversation has taken a turn for the worse. It's become a wrestling match as to who is the busiest and wins the prize for..... hey, what's the prize?

A friend's mother has early onset dementia. She is a former journalist (now mama) so she researched the hell out of the condition. It's on the rise. It's about to take over heart disease as the number one disease.

Dementia = Vata dosha imbalance. Busy = Vata dosha imbalance.

As Toni questioned, is this recent? The scriptures mention Vata as being the dosha that incites most diseases, Pitta secondary and Kapha-on-the-couch even less. The inherent nature of our existence is time-based and Vata is responsible for time and change, so it makes sense. Does it feel more mad than ever? I reckon so. Perhaps we're in transition right now and as we know, transition times create more erratic than usual.

Ok so what's the remedy for busy. My new favourite word is engaged. Engaged has an earthly quality to it of being absorbed. Vata, as we know, has a gassy reaction when it can't be absorbed. Busy skims the surface, engaged drops it down. We all talk about the lack of connection we feel these days. Being absorbed gives two people so much more to talk about. 

Something like this - 

How are you? "I'm doing well, currently engaged in a lot of writing on my ebooks. I'm really enjoying the process as it's helping me to refine my words to fit into little templates. I get the opportunity to edit and as you know, I'm not a big fan of editing."

How are you?

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