Human productivity and breathwork

Are you busy because you have a lot of work or are you inefficient?

I have tested this on myself many times. When I do the morning work, I'm en pointe and able to follow my thought train clearly. I don't "dilly-dally" (great word). When I don't, I find the most extraordinary distractions. I've caught myself a few times aimlessly observing the most inane things, like a sleepwalker.

And in order for this to be tested, one would need to understand what happens between conscious thoughts, as to how much energy is wasted on the in-between stuff. Currently I've seen no western based thoughts around this other than the idea of replacing humans with machines.

Now imagine if you bought into the idea that to spend just 20 minutes each morning doing your breathwork and some quiet time in meditation that it would buy you time in the day, or add onto what you're currently used to.  

Time is bendy. There is a whole lot of energy capacity stuck between things that we're not aware of. When they say we only use 10% of our brain, I take that as only using energy consciously 10% of the time, the rest is wasted.

Sandra RadjaComment