Undivided attention

Is how you integrate a new being. 

The quandary appears to be as to whether you notice your undivided attention, that powerful ally, is focused on sensory gossip or you are truly focused on that which makes you happy.

Wellbeing is a sense of seemingly antagonistic mind and  body humours that have figured out how to work with each other to produce a vehicle for you to ride the system eloquently. 

The effort required is choosing to place your sincere attention on where you want to go. All this chit chat on boundary fixing keeps you on the fence. I've said this before, once you know "yes", "no" is a faded option.

Good company keeps you on track. It is wise to have that conversation to bring awareness. If you want to be happy, be around happy/content/satisfied/enter your preferred term.

Do I have your undivided attention?, said your soul to you.

Sandra RadjaComment