Where did all the serial killers go?

Yes I'm certain they're still lurking around doing their Dharma, or whatever they might call it.

We don't hear about it anymore. The crazy is now called the T word - killing in the name of.

For awhile there it was heavily reported, movies made about it, documentaries on past ones. It was a thing. I'd like to see a documentary made in a catwalk style of all the "fashionable" news horror stories of the times walking down the runway past the people and falling off a cliff. 

Where do they go?

We consider that when you eat, you should be peaceful and avoid anything that makes you squeamish and tight and think "oh god I knew neighbour Joe looked a little off", honey we need to build a wall between us."

Like the Marilyn Monroe legend of being fed one sleeping pill after another, slowly and consistently, be mindful of feeding that which numbs the circuitry.

Sandra RadjaComment