Vata and commitment

She appears fickle and skittish but that is a surface mechanism that covers the deeper sensitivity and understanding of her Dharma and place in the world.  She is wise to understand that the feeling should be right, and in a world of second best and just enough, the spirited Vata goddess may just believe that life offers more than this. 

You see, she can imagine quite well. And air being the element that resides in her heart, she connects well to her heart's wishes. 

Others may not see what she sees. Her foundation is not as much brick and mortar as it is a connection to the divine - as long as the environment supports that connection, she will stick around. And if not, a rolling stone gathers no moss.

So the question in a Vata inspired moment is whether the movement is getting ever closer to the divine or moving away. And if it's the latter, you might see it result in agitation.

When we're away from love we agitate.

Sandra RadjaComment