Your creative soul and the dirty filthy habit build up

Every time I do an abhyanga therapy I get a strong message that I give to the client. I did one today and thought I would share the message because it's a good one. 

As we grow older, if we haven't taken care of removing the build up of toxins in our body and mind, then we tend to become "set in our ways". Ama, or toxins, start to build a wall between our creative soul and our senses that can hear that whisper to give us direction.

Kids know what they want to do (not a job, a way of living) because they come to us mostly clean but if you followed the potentially not uplifting habits of your parents and peers and society, then you might have created a thick wall of (choose your body type) toxins. 

You might have noticed there is billions of $ spent on workshops along the title of - do what you love to do and how to make money from it.

People will do one workshop after the other almost rising , then giving up.

Here's one angle - clean up the debris first. It's why the minimalist movement is so big, why that woman made bank on how to organise yourself and why we LOVE (I LOVE) those shows on hoarder people and the experts that sort their clutter and lives out.

Before you attempt to review how to express yourself creatively (for business or not), I would suggest looking at how to detox. In all ways, reduce crappy food, clear out clutter, reduce the "busyness" of your life.

You must be careful because you may not know at what point in your life you will start to identify so heavily with the toxins that it makes decisions opposite to your kid self.

It's the turn of the season and the best time to do it. Start now.

Sandra RadjaComment