Vikruti village

Have you ever considered that in a traditional village setting, the people have a ton of generations growing up around the environment and that's why they tend to kind of look similar? They take on the smells, sights, tastes etc of the space they are held within?

So when we consider that a particular remedy seems to come from all the grandmas in the area, it's because of this - It's not for us, it's for them.

And us transients that have moved away from our village and decided on being so independent may not be able to rely on the natural vegetation that grows around us to provide the real nourishment we need. But our kids might, and their kids too if they hang around. An Indian doctor told us "it takes 3 generations for an introduced way of being to fully assimilate". This, of course, has exceptions, the ability for a person to adapt, and karma of course. But it's enough to get you thinking about the fact that it might take a very long time to fully assimilate to an environment you have no history in.

Just be mindful of statistics done in an area where the people have lived for a long time and then quoting how everyone else should just follow them to be healthy. California authors are famous for visiting somewhere else and then telling folks at home to be like overseas. :)

I'm thinking of the Japanese diet, the Mediterranean diet, the Indian diet. 

As far as I can see, these traditional folks are healthy from adaptation, not because they imported their wellbeing.

Love, Sandra @a+W

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