The worst business advice I ever got

Was to observe where the market vibe is at and find a way to dilute my message enough to reach an enormous amount of people. 

Basically separate myself from my business and focus on the bigness of it. When Gandhi started out, I'm quite certain he didn't pre-meditate the scale of his protest in order to protest.

As is, the greatness of stuff is none of our business. So why are we going backwards in order to find meaning?

My earlier attempt to do what might be thought of as commercially viable made me feel twisted and robot-like spilling out the famed elevator speech to folks that were not even on the same page.

(Like creating a big cut out model of myself as Spam. Not even real ham! :) )

And then working with people that are not on the same frequency - makes you dislike getting up in the morning to order to battle for something that feels very far away from your Dharma.

Aren't we weird?

So I'm incredibly grateful for the new business angel messengers sending word out more in the Ayurvedic vein than even my education did, which is - find your unique talent under the umbrella of Ayurveda. Can you inspire people by your shininess not your regurgitated bank of knowledge.

And so, you may not own a business, but what idea did you take on recently and how is your own personality shining through?

We need more rule breakers, by that I mean, breaking away the small parts of an idea that just don't fit. 

Love, Sandra @a+W

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