The Vikruti of fashion

Someone created something that worked for them, alongside their vision, and it drew a few folks that saw life the same way and they bought pieces as they felt like it represented them. A small tribe can form based on a similar vision and great things can happen.

But then marketing (and peer pressure) made people feel like if they didn't follow the same idea, they were not welcome or able to understand the vibe of the times.

It's easy to manipulate the younger generation as they look to feel a connection to others - clothes are a quick visual to see if you belong. When you are forming your body then it's a very obvious flag as to your sense of self worth.

Self worth and connection are big for us as humans. We will discuss these ideas in various forms as we age.

As you get older, ideally, you become more subtle and learn to connect via subtle qualities and not as much via external appearance. You might go through life removing clothes and friends when you get closer to your truth.

And you will find new adornments in both that feel like a better fit.

I adore well made clothes but fashion is an unfortunate bug in the matrix that forces a homogeneity amongst an innately creative soul.

Clothes can be an expression or a straight jacket. Kind of like life.

Love, Sandra @a+W

Sandra RadjaComment