Dusty, dry, good for nothing herbs and spices

First off, when I tell a particular client, for a particular reason that they need to include more spices in their diet, their instant response is I DON'T LIKE CHILLIES!

Ok so spices and herbs can include things as mild as fennel to chillies. There is a range of hotness, all providing a degree of digestive fire help.

And yes, if you have too much Pitta the thought of chillies will make you sweat on sight.

Here's another thought - how old are your spices and herbs? They do not last forever and will slowly turn to dirt and dust in your cupboard - they're not poison but they are.....nothing.

Who knows how long the spices have been sitting in the store as well. Every day their prana wanes. Your best bet is to use your senses to determine the pranic energy left. Food tastes so different when the spices are fresh. 

I'd recommend it now - go through your cupboard and smell whether anything has life in it. 

Fire needs the spark of prana to ignite it.

Love, Sandra @a+W

Sandra RadjaComment