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The foundational piece of designing your diet and lifestyle is your body type.

The ebook starts the journey of self awareness.

It is a reflective workbook, around 50 pages, that explains some of the basic philosophy, inspiration to want to know how your nature functions, and reflective questions on different aspects of your nature to get you thinking on which aspect of Ayurveda you most align with.

You might be used to the labels of Vata, Pitta, Kapha. The theory in Ayurveda is that we have an inherent unchangeable body type called Prakruti and the variation from this body type (or dis-ease) called Vikruti. If you do these tests yourself you will view the results as a fixed label. I am challenging the simple test idea as a starting point as opposed to a fixed label. 

To know yourself takes time. What does Vata (Pitta, Kapha) mean to YOU? How does it manifest for you personally? This is something that needs to be discovered. As your habits refine, so does your opinion of yourself, irrespective of the present or the past.

The ebook will show you my unique approach that the (coming) online programs, and if you choose to work with me personally, will convey. My desire is to inspire your imagination as you create your story within the Ayurvedic framework and create a life that is sustainable in the way only you know how.

My agenda is to motivate a habit in you to look for your good.  You are not here to be fixed, you are here to be clear, in your daily decisions, as to how you can thrive. 

I hope you enjoy it.