what are the e-books different?

The e-books take the regular Ayurvedic philosophy and show you how to place it in the modern context. Since everything is medicine, then the approach is to take what’s available and put it in the context. The books show a twist on the philosophy and encourage you to do the same.

what do i get from a personal session?

I am an qualified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and can offer guidance in directing your viewpoint. I focus on your best qualities (Prakruti) to guide you to your best life. We do not focus on disease, however we will look at your functions as an indicator of how to make the right decisions.


can i use your workbooks for my own educational purposes?

Possibly, please write to me in the contacts page and let me know the nature of what the books will be used for. Also accreditation to Ayurveda +WORLD should be noted when used.


I'm not an artist, is that ok?

Absolutely. Although I do believe art is simply your version of the world in your own way. The purpose of the e-workbooks is to inspire imagination - you never know where that might take you. 

i want to write for a+W, is that possible?

Yes it's possible. At the moment there is no payment for submissions however there is exposure with the brand. Articles should be geared towards the topics listed and should include your own unique voice and experience within the article. Poetry, short films, original songs - bring it on. All mediums of expression are encouraged as long as there is a tie to the Ayurvedic philosophy.

do i get certification from this work?

No, the sessions on offer are not aligned with an educational facility. The premise of doing this work is to learn how to think in Ayurveda more than what to think. I recommend doing these courses alongside the excellent formal Ayurvedic studies available. I do not, however, make recommendations as to which are preferable.