Alarms and subtle early morning insights


Are you aware of the first thought you have in the morning?

It's a very cool practise to see if you can catch it because it will determine the tone of your day. Then you can put it in an Ayurvedic category and deal with it accordingly. An Ayurvedic habit to cultivate is not to analyse the story but efficiently categorise it (Vata, Pitta, Kapha or Super Chill) and then have an associated action to temper the excess.

(Of course if you wake up Super Chill, then just keep going, all is well.)

The trick is to have such a robust sleep/wake cycle that you don't need an alarm (look mum no hands!). An alarm has the tendency to alarm your subtle early morning insights away. The jarring, even from the sweet sing song of raindrops or beach tides will create a shift in awareness. It’s the shift from unconscious to conscious that holds your deeper secrets and the ones you are trying to bring to the fore.

Do you want to take control of your life?

This is a very powerful way to bring abundance in. The words of affirmations are good and well, but when repeated in the most subtle Vata time of the day, with the use of conscious thought, then the formula brings ideas to earth.

And Vata and her insecurities does very well by seeing her ideas become part of Mother Earth.

How does one get there?

There is no direct route. A Vata pacifying diet and lifestyle provides the foundation.and from this place you set the intention. This is why Ayurveda is a long term sustainable practise - it involves a two step process of settling the humours and working from that place.

  • Settle the humours and go to relationship counselling.

  • Settle the humours and consider whether quitting your job is for your higher good.

  • Settle the humours and decide whether someone’s opinion is valid for you.

  • Settle the humours and believe some of what you read.

  • Settle the humours and consider trying again.