The power of Pink and using your environment to heal

Sometimes you notice colours. Sometimes people have such a strong impact on you, you get your laptop out whilst in transit at the airport and feel the maddening need to write something about it.

A young girl of about 10 with a pink jacket, pink hairband with a bright pink flower in it, and a pink tshirt that read “Be Happy every Day” just walked past me and gave me the biggest smile and the smallest wave. And she brightened my day.

A woman eating out of a pink box of crackers just moved all her gear so that I could place myself at the bench to write.

I’m coming from gloomy Melbourne. It’s gloomy because it’s Winter but I’ve also succumbed to wearing dark colours again. We claim to have more of an interesting personality because we do that art thing more than Sydney and black is our uniform. Black is a succumbing colour, it absorbs all the other colours. It sucks in.

Here I am sitting at Auckland airport in transit. I'm about to start a new journey today. I just quit everything and I'm about to start again.

If you google pink colour therapy one site pulled up that pink represents softness and tenderness, romance, caring, nurturing, femininity, emotional healing, peace.

Most people do not assess the environment in their well being. If you want to see what you're in for, just look around you and you might get a glimpse as to what issues may arise in a place. I have opened a practise in 3 places and observed that each tend to carry their own unique karmas, so to speak. I knew when I arrived in my last town that I would be working with a depleted rasa - there was a hardness, roughness,  which, depending on your doshic make up could result in trapped water, orno water. Interactions were short, sharp and direct between people. It was known that deep friendships were not made in this small town and now, as I step away, I wonder at the power of colour and I wonder at the power of the collective. I'm starting to think that before you make a big decision of any sorts, you take time to sit back and observe the general qualities of the inhabitants.

As practitioners, we could do well to get together more often and talk on where we practise. This idea that I can write a blog in Melbourne to inspire a punter in Austin might work in generalities but if we're not describing where we are, then the information can be misleading. And if the punter can't know what it is to "feel" another way of being, then the point becomes moot.

There is a yoga nidra tape I listen to that gives instructions on the different qualities from heavy to light, hot to cold, etc. It reminds me that when I'm gloomy and hard, I can be soft and peaceful quite quickly. If you can feel like this, if you can practise not avoiding emotions but getting better at moving through them, then I believe this aspect of Vata dosha is well considered.

In a matter of moments I experienced soft and peaceful interactions with the power of pink. And as I look up a woman with pink hair is approaching the gate. That's great.

Three is my lucky number.

Sandra RadjaComment