Pitta likes it pretty

Pitta you visionary, you truth seeker, you penetrating gaze. Of all the doshas, Pitta is the one that "eats" via the eyes. I mean, they will seek things that are visually appealing, things that are sweet on the mind if in balance, and intense and feisty if out of balance. 

When in balance, they will crave green pastures. Once, whilst visiting my parents on the east coast of Australia at some coastal village coffee shop, I stared at the lush and moist green grass and couldn't get enough. I could not literally take my eyes off the grass, since I had come from brown, rough and dry. I found myself getting pissed because I had to prematurely get in the car to move on. But then, like a wistful dog, I had my eyes peeled to the car moving scenery out the window. I get the same feeling when in India. I am mesmerized with the fabrics there, they are so beautiful. I love colour. Pitta is colour, it produces the colour through the blood and gives you a complexion.

Being in balance, you crave the sweet in your surroundings. You like attractive flower displays and subtle wall paint. You like a room lit just right, not too brightly, but easy. Your favourite moods are the shards of light that stream through foliage or sheer curtains. And if there is a symmetry to your home design or garden, you feel all is well with the world.

kind of intriguing i must admit.

kind of intriguing i must admit.

On the flip side, if you ate too many chillies (for instance), all the time, because you were addicted to things hot and sexy until a pathology formed in your weak tissues, alongside green and yellow stools with a hot and pungent stench, then you might find the wicked an appealing visual draw card.

As the spreading nature of Pitta finds it's way around your system via the blood, you might find yourself visually enjoying the hot, rebellious and intense, you might like things black and wild, things sharp and angry. It might look like the opium den of your sinister desires. It might look like the black lipstick of forbidden passion. It be a night out with the sharp chemical spray can of angry words. 

I just spent 3 days straight in black with the grey gloom of cloud cover and I found my mood intensified with it. It was an effort to pull myself out of being critical and impatient. Interestingly, in those days, I was also at an edgy gallery space where the workers also wore black and the exhibitions were underground. I wouldn't have made the connection years ago but see my taste in environment as something that needs a balancing act.

So if you're feeling a stern and curt in your nature, go find yourself a cool forest or a lavender farm in the afternoon light or get yourself some posies for the dinner table and clean your eyes out like a car wash. Better than a juice detox.

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