Personalizing your vedic astrology reading

I've been chewing on this vedic reading since I got it, trying to make it my own, and trying to see the bigger picture perspective as I'm wont to do. And I had quite the breakthrough and it was due to the excellent remedy I received.

I was told I had a planetary war going on between Saturn and Mars in my 6th house, of which Venus was also occupying in her own house. In all, quite the busy party going on, with everyone talking on top of each other vying for attention. And with my Jupiter being in first position it was always 'guys, guys, can we talk about this? can we get along?' but just not loud enough for the others to hear. 

I have been told this before in a matter of fact kind of way. I've been told about the gemstones I can buy to lift up the spirits of the weaker planets and the colours I can wear, which sound fine to me but I always felt like there was something missing, a place where I could see myself in the story line and personalising the remedy so as to truly own it.

And my reader explained the idea that each planet needed to fulfill it's Dharma, that they be honoured on their separate days. She queried my personality in each area and we worked on the remedy that would suit. For me that meant that my desire for action and list building and feeling I've made headway on a project be honoured on a Tuesday. I would fly the red flag in honour of this mode of action I was acting out so that that part of my personality felt heard. Then on Saturday, King Saturns day, I would bow my head and do the DAMN IRONING. Argh, she caught me off guard when she asked what I disliked to do around the house. Anyways, Saturday I'm wearing black and doing the jobs that I dislike to teach me to serve and to be patient.

There is order to my remedy. It is something I can do and it is something I was able to take the essence of and adapt it to my environment. And there was another wild realisation I had when these guys were each given space to breathe.

My parents made a visit to town the last week. Sitting at the dinner table and watching how very different they seemed, all of a sudden I could see Saturn in one parent and Mars in another. I saw the seemingly odd connection as something that was playing out inside of me right there in FRONT of me. And I got it: each person needs to live out their Dharma according to their first house. Even though we are family and there are parts that play within each other, we all have a different role to play. All of a sudden I was able to stop fighting their very nature, that I see in myself, and honour them for what they need to do.

In terms of Venus, she is the host. She wants a particular environment for the actors to play out in. She will mingle with canapes and make sure that everyone is having a good time. The list building has a view of birds at play and sunlight streaming through the wattle trees and the ironing mixes with a flower display against a backdrop of lightly decorated Indian fabric and the dulcet tones of Ludovico Einaudi. 

I've gotten used to the Vata/Pitta split personality but getting a reading helped me to focus on the bigger picture Dharmic perspective of myself in relation to outward activities and relationships that make up my whole. I have a clarity to the inner tension, I feel empowered to make the necessary changes in my week because I own it, and my sense of compassion to myself and family has an objective understanding to it. 

A planetary war, or any war within, makes me feel like everyone is right, but right when it's in the right time and space. One agenda may be right on a Tuesday and one may be right on a Saturday. And in the honouring of each part of us, an interesting dissolve seems to happen. And the result of all this, with the tension dissolved, the whisper of the lesser powerful planets are slowly being heard; I'm starting to notice the subtleties elsewhere in my life now that the gunfire has ceased.

You can't stop what needs to speak out. You can only do your best to provide an opportunity to listen.

Diversity of opinions and circumstances increases the likelihood of ‘happy accidents.’ Serendipity comes from differences.
— John Maeda, president Rhode Island School of Design