How well do you eat your friends?

You heard me. No typo. It has been a theme of late amongst a few folks I know, that the company we keep is becoming prime importance as part of our well being care plan.

The comparison occurred to me as I was waxing my usual self in lecture on the importance of a food spiritual practise, which involve such things as prayer, chewing, beautiful setting, resting after eating, quiet and emotionally stable. I explained that when you eat a meal well you will not crave a snack and the eating will produce strong and stable tissue, which leads to great immunity. And when you eat like this you don't need a lot of food, your system gets better and better at converting the information to energy so that there is minimal waste. Kind of the way we like our industries to perform these days, with minimal carbon footprint.

And then I thought about how we "eat" our environment, and how living this Vata induced lifestyle can lead to skimming the surface and needing more and more food to satisfy us. If we are not present when eating it leads to toxins or undigested food. If we are not present with company we leave feeling like we need more people/experiences around us to fill us up. 

You know them. You sit across from them to talk and they have one eyeball on you and one on who is coming through the door. Very talented eyeballs. But you're left feeling like you just ate McDonalds - kind of full but not really. And the craving begins. And you need more and more people around you to connect a lot of small satisfactions to make one big satisfaction. I was there, I wanted to "experience" the world and I moved and travelled to "feel" but those feelings were all stuck in my head and didn't have the time to travel down my digestive channel to be transformed to tissue.

I learnt about orgasms recently; clitoral vs the cervical. One dumps a bunch of prolactin in the system which gives you a high but then almost leads to a depressed feeling needing more stimulation to the craving satisfied. The other offers a middle of the road feeling that is centered on nourishment, whole body experience, and a sense of satisfaction and healing.for a longer period of time. The amount of common day polyamory is as common as gluten sensitivity. How is it possible to eat so much in one arena and not have the digestive capacity in another? Something doesn't make sense.

This morning I had the pleasure of the company of a friend where time seemed long and short - we both left feeling uplifted, encouraged and excited to push beyond fears of following our hearts in our creative ventures. It was constructive and full of heart and real. 

And I feel like I just ate a great meal and had great sex and I'm inching ever closer to my destiny of sitting on a Mississippi porch rocking in my chair watching the world go by and being in a state of zero; of going deep.

Sandra RadjaComment