The difference between holistic and disease focused medicine

I had an astrology reading recently. It was a good reading. What does good mean? For me personally, it means that I was explained the cause of tension, symbolically, and where I should pay attention to ease that tension in my current life. She saw where I was holding on and where I should let go. But mostly she saw who I am and who I can become. And we focused on that aspect; how to logically move through the tension parts to open up the magic part. She encouraged my Prakruti and it was the focus point of the session. And it was such a wonderful relief for a reader to "see me" and not the drama that engages life.

Because it is the perception of the healer/educator/doctor as to the situation as it stands. It is their limited view on the story line as it unfolds. You can become stunned at the dark and sticky spots and remain there, or you can see the dark spots ALONGSIDE the shiny golden hue that is always and I truly believe ALWAYS trying to get through. And herein lies the relationship of Prakruti to Vikruti. In my opinion they should be seen together as dance partners. One holding the space, as teacher, to guide the other through the routine. Once the routine is done, they let go. When you go through a journey with a client you can see it, the prana that comes in to widen the eyes at the thought of a job prospect, the slight turn of the mouth at the mention of a friend, the chest props upright when their confidence or svastha becomes reinforced at their personal morning routine. With intention, the healer can see it and reinforce it, alongside disease management.

The idea of using herbs in treatment requires intention and prayers to bring the subtle energies to the client. You can feel the same with food. Home cooked, or those that cook with good intention for strangers, has that special ingredient that leaves a strong after taste that lingers with you. It's a sense of satisfaction that fortifies your soul. Mother Teresa would not accept volunteers that didn't come to her hospice lovingly and in good spirits. Dr Lad teaches us how important it is to come to meditation lovingly. A favourite of mine, Napoleon Hill, on his many get rich books talks of a mastermind group, in essence, a group of like minded souls that sincerely desire in the success of the others in the group. Similar to the the idea that to increase your wealth, you donate a portion of your funds. It's one of those wonderful mysteries of life; that to serve others in joy can unravel your own kinks and obstructions.

So the astrology reading was good because it saw the good (Prakruti) in me. It had me re-shift my focus to managing my affairs (Vikruti) to allow the truth it's opportunity to shine. They say you need to be comfortable with the unknown and get comfortable in the suffering. I say you don't. I say get to know where your gifts lie and observe how they bring you sincere joy, both in solitude and with the company of others, and it's knowing-ness will impress upon your everyday. 

And then pay it forward and see it in another. It's your reflection anyways.

Sandra RadjaComment