Integrity and the Vata dosha

Integrity means "the state of being whole and undivided" according to

Integrity appears to be more in need these days than ever. So where does one buy it online and what guru can I spend time with (that has a money back guarantee) and how many months in India does it take until it finally dawns on me (will I be on a mountain top somewhere?).

When I learnt the idea that the root of Vata in the mind was fear and that with a Vata pacifying lifestyle you could eradicate fear it blew me away (literally, I had that much Vata going on). Here were practical applications, not airy fairy statements of motivation, to implement daily to remove fear.

Lo. And. Behold.

I've encountered and have been thinking about the idea of Integrity within the Vata framework. When you think of the idea of integrity as a word it doesn't seem to have integrity. I see it on paper but how can I hold it in my hand and give it weight. When dealing with Vata the best offset is practical and simple, like the earth. 

Here are some musings, left open on purpose to tickle you, to make you scratch your head and/or to stop you breathing momentarily with a shift of perspective.

  • Things "dawn on you" when there is clarity and we consider the early hours of the morning to be the most clear when Vata is in the house. This is how to use the power of Vata on herself, for she is a slinky devilette if left to roam the moors at her free will.
  • When you've got a strong backbone, it suggests you have integrity. Things to do with posture alignment are important in Vata care as they keep the spinal pathways clear for prana to move through. When prana gets to travel through the green traffic lights, she happily provides more energy and vitality. And prana is Vata with her best Sunday dress on.
  • Keeping your word means integrity too. And sometimes when Vata's in the house she likes to yap yap yap until exhaustion. So keeping your word can also mean not letting those lips loose and literally keeping the words inside your mouth.
  • I think of the integrity of well made clothes. When I need structure I like clothes that are well built (like a Kapha body type). Great stitching keeps things together as excess Vata is the dosha that lets things "slip through your fingers" or when you can't "hold it together". It's even prescribed to swaddle the mid section to help with the integrity of the muscles post birth until the muscles repair themselves. Support/structure in your external props until the body finds it own internally.
  • Faith is the antidote to fear they say. Faith does not need to extend to religion or even spirituality. It can extend to a regular morning routine. When there is regularity (the known) there is a comfortable feeling that lets you breathe easier, which cultivates faith in the adrenals that all is well. When there is irregularity there is a state of tension in the body that prepares it for the unknown and therefore taxes the adrenals to be ready for surprises, leading to fatigue. We like the known. Faith in the everyday is a great way to start.

Let me know if you think of any more word play. 

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