Write your own notes on Ayurveda

The truth and the select few that interpret the truth. It has been the stalwart of society that we have few that are privy to knowledge and the rest that get it piecemeal. Think of the way businesses ran back before the advent of the internet and the smart techy people that allowed us to be our own people of enterprise. 

We may be more polluted than ever, but in a way we are more free.

A sacred book with notes.

A sacred book with notes.

Then there's the other side where those that have had too many tv dinners and vino may find themselves in a position of interpretation and you may find yourself in a position being given the dirty sacrament because your house costs a lot or your kid needs the latest iPhone (add number so I don't date this article).

Where I find this model still in play the most is the healthcare system. I was chatting to a friend that got me jobs when I was in the business world, she's a fancy recruiter, and I was talking about how some owners/CEO's don't ask the right questions and part of my job was to teach them to ask me the right questions. My fancy recruiter friend made the comment that they don't want to know, and then she realised the similarity between health and business, they can both be blindsided by looking at what is and dealing with it.

And we both wondered which came first. Did well being follow the mindset of business or the other way around, did we all become ill from tv dinners and too much vino and then run business a certain way? I guess it doesn't matter. Like Dr Claudia Welch had said in a mentoring class - "when I realised that I would treat reproductive issues the same whether I knew about their sexual abuse history or not, I stopped asking."

But it does matter that we don't ask the right questions. I encourage a lot of questions in session. I encourage independence in thought and personal experience matched to the essence of the ayurvedic natural law we're talking about. I encourage taking your own notes and seeing how it fits with where you're at in life. The beauty of truth is that is can manifest 7ish billion ways. 

But take it off the mat. Ask your western doctor and your boss and the utility company. We seem to have accepted a way and if you're an ayurvedic lover you know the way of being shifts and changes with the feeling of the times. I find it a sad state of affairs that what most people know of themselves they have to read via statistics made from other people's experience. We relish traditional medicine and yet where it was practised most, in small villages, they didn't go to another village across the world to find out whether tumeric was anti-inflammatory.

Talk about separation of spirit.

Spending time contemplating even the smallest ideas from sacred words can yield a major breakthroughs. I tell folks it takes 3 years to get the premise of ayurveda under your belt. Year 1 is learning a new way to think, trying on the qualities in the spirit of trial and error. Year 2 is seeing your doshas at play in the season and noticing that you are in fact wonderfully schizophrenic and Year 3 is seeing what's coming, planning ahead, and realising you've only just begun and you get the rest of your life to refine yourself to a single point - the connection with the single truth of love.

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