The Ojas building factor of nostalgia

Horn! Horn! Hooooooorrrrrrn! Horn! Horn............Horn! Horn.Horn.Horn! 

In India the rickshaw horn means these things - excuse me would you please move, hey you! get outta the way! Hey, just saying I'm here? C'mon! Passangers late for train! Hey cow, hey cow, hey cow....c'mon move today..... Tourist,my friend, good price! Oh Ganesh I'm in the wrong lane....

So I got a little sick in India, as was mentioned in previous blogs, and even though it was my fourth visit here, the horn was killing me this time. I put it down to my low Ojas (immunity). It took about 2 months the first time I visited to NOT NOTICE THE HORNS. It's true. You could tell a new traveller by how they were so put out by the horns.

Which made me ponder. Is there such a thing as noise pollution or does it have to do with us and how easily peeved we become by noise or just easily peeved? Do we set the stage for how we perceive sensory information. The reason was if I was going out of my mind, then wouldn't 1.7 billion people and counting be deaf by the age of 50?

I put this out to our Facebook group and got the reply (below) to my question. And it was perfect as it reminded me how I used to drink coffee as a kid with my baba (grandma in Croatian). Ayurvedic people you will love this non-sattvic recipe! My baba used to brew coffee, Turkish style, then add hot milk to it and put it in a bowl. Then add honey and old crusty bread broken up and we ate that for breakfast like a cereal. I loved it. I called it babas's breakfast and it has remained a comfort food for me since. I don't drink coffee so much anymore but something in that recipe has magic powers - I guess it's nostalgia.

And in Ayurveda we recognise this. When generations have eaten a food they will most likely be able to digest it more than those for whom the food is introduced. Why those Irish can drink milk with roast beef (seen with my own eyes). My Eastern European father can do the same. Bless them but I wince at the sight.

The more I do this thing, the more I realise intention is everything. The labelling of food, and everything really, as good or bad can be seen by signs and symptoms. So an idea is to observe the result and then decide, try and avoid deciding beforehand as it's not the scientific way. If you've developed a strong relationship with your insides to intuit what feels right beforehand, then kudos, that's the best, but otherwise, trial and error (upashaya) is your way to finding balance.

So before you throw all the memories away, if it makes you feel good, and I mean good, not high or fat depressed or road rage angry, then so what, eat it now and then. As even Dr Lad says, focus on making sure your agni is strong and then life can include these little fun moments.

I’ve grown up in India & now am living in the US! I actually MISS the sounds/noise of India! Even now when I visit, I get a sense of nostalgic joy to hear the sounds!
The roots of where one grounds down as one is being raised gives a feeling of security...
Though I enjoy the quietness here, every now & then when I hear the sound of a scooter, I get a knot of nostalgia in my belly!
It is what one is used to or gets used to!
(So far I don’t know anyone deaf in India, & I know A LOT of people there! )
— Anupama Butani - Facebook friend and colleague
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