Rebirth yourself constantly and learn to ignore the fodder

There are too many posts out there telling you how to do things the right way, their way, the one way of how to make it. It's like overplaying your favourite song on the radio..... over and OVER. There will be that collective moment, coming soon I reckon, where we just all of a sudden turn the other way. It leaves no room to make the kind of mistakes that genius is born from.

I had someone write me on the a+W FB page and said this "I very rarely will send a message to folks at a web site. But this is a great exception. Thank you! I'm just getting introduced to your content, and I deeply appreciate your efforts already. Keep close to your vision, don't sell out for ad money and keep up the great work!"

The movement of desiring interesting and heartfelt work.  

The way to close this widening gap between worlds is to bring us to your brave new words and visuals where the awkward and spontaneous and the beauty of messing up come together. Just like that movement of high quality free stock photos that are thankfully being used in blog posts (I use them), let's start a movement of interesting creative story lines. 

Like my subscriber, I too want to be moved.  

Sandra RadjaComment