Separate the wheat from the chaff; the artists from the marketeers

A friend gave me a book on fashion to be inspired by design in general for a workshop. Fashion designers that have made an impact on the way we dress and the reflections they have given us over time on the stages of personal development.

I don't think fashion is superficial. Just like anything you decide to get your teeth into, the longer you sit with it with sincere intention, the better the insight. Sticking with an expression over a lifetime is really quite cool. I can only imagine that at some point it becomes your teacher.

Some quotes from fashion icons - 

"We need to learn to decipher and translate the symbols, signals and hieroglyphs that tell us about the future. Even if only to find them in ourselves" - Jill Sanders

"I am here to make people dream, to seduce them into buying beautiful clothes and to strive to make amazing clothing to the best of my ability. That is my duty." - John Galiano

"I am inspired by figures who encourage radical rethinking." - Maharishi

"We have always favoured the collaboration between man and a woman who are very different." - Marithe + Francois Girbaud

"I have realised over time that I have to take responsibility for my actions and beliefs." - Giorgio Armani

"When I design, sometimes I have sensations which I could call 'visionary'" Maria Silvia Venturini Fendi

"At the end of every cycle there is a desire to move on" Bottega Veneta

"When I've designed something I love, I usually can't believe I made it." David Szeto

"The same spirit runs through everything I do." Comme des Garcons

"I am inspired by everything. There is only one rule: eyes open!" - Karl Lagerfeld