The flight of opportunity

Are you ready for when it appears? 

When I first heard about the idea in Ayuveda that you could eradicate fear I stealthily looked around the room wondering if others were as awestruck as I was. Remove fear by eating regular meals?! (did i just hear that right? does the UN know about this?!) 

Fear, that insidious creeping vine that appears in many guises to reveal the hopelessness of a cause; appearing as the many obstacles that come from thin air to mar your path.

Between you and opportunity lies a vapour that only lives when it has no master. Once you claim the kingdom, braving your way through goblins and man eating giants, it transforms itself to inspiration. 

Use your senses for opportunity as much as you do to check the sweetness of ripe fruit. Use your digestive machinery to figure it out whilst your heart is unravelling itself from being bound and gagged.

Look fear in the face and claim your kingdom.

Sandra RadjaComment