The Way of advice

You know those interactive games you can play where you have to make a decision to go one way or another. You choose one and then you're lead down the rabbit hole depending on the karma that presents, and then you seem to hit a wall (stagnation, inflammation, contraction) and you then need to make another decision on how to remove the road block.  

Does it really matter what you choose? If you need to learn a lesson it will come to you whether it's in Las Vegas or the foothills of the Himalayas. And the road blocks will keep coming until you stop in the face of it - that which you resist persists. (It's a good one no?)

I have witnessed that sometimes no herb or diet seems to change insomnia or constipation or depression until something shifts in their lives; it seems the only thing that's really going to make the pain go away is the bigger picture stuff, a realignment of the way they flow.

So advice. Depending on your receptivity it can come from anywhere.  Keep your eyes and ears open. Angels can appear in forms unfamiliar if you're receptive to it.

Sandra RadjaComment