Being centered enough to shake your foundations

I luuuuurve brainstorming.  Storming the brain like a rough sea, losing the sense of control over what knowledge you think you have, over how you perceive the world. Storming everything until I know nothing, except to feel.

And I have been building bridges on the concept of foundations; namely the infrastructure of Ayurveda and personally the idea of social constructs.

But.....and oh how I love the but.

I was challenged today from two different people.  One person told me the idea that something would "never" change and another told me that all we do is change and to marry the concept of foundations with the dynamic aspect of myself . The qualities of light and hot will gain deeper meaning, the idea of doshas might have a different beginning, or not be the beginning at all. The same point of reference can have a pliable softness to it or a hardness....depending on your personal outlook.

The point being that even our foundations are dynamic. What we take as a fact may be so only at that point and time. And so, perhaps we assume the "foundations or Ayurvedic Basics" on this blog to be the CONTENTS PAGE of a storyline, of a story in time. And when we re-visit the topic, we may in fact re-visit the contents page and re-write history (oh the blasphemy!)

That's exciting to me. They say your Prakruti doesn't change, and yet, I wonder if the Prakruti is so subtle an idea that when you do find yourself in balance with it, the idea of names and forms doesn't really matter anyhow; it just finds its expression through Love.


That ever permeable force that never wavers your center. And in that "never" I'm pretty sure.

Sandra RadjaComment