You can't control the Sublime but you can enter through the back door

Thinking a lot about the concept of Tamas, Rajas and Sattva lately.  They refer to inertia (lately it's procrastination for me), activity (too busy! too much to do! not enough time!) and Sattva.......which is a process of patience.

Grace. When it feels too much do you try harder or do you stop everything and give IT up?. 

Think back to the opposite qualities of the mind of each dosha.  Vata is faith to fear. Pitta is compassion to judgement to. Kapha is letting go to possessiveness.

The tri-doshic formula is cultivating faith in your daily routine with gentle compassion for yourself and allowing the events to happen as they must.  And giving yourself the space for it to resolve itself. Since ether has the qualities of clear, it's scenes like the below that help troubles to just magically become transformed into a single point of reference - the big picture.

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