The pathology of the family secret

My father is taking the same herbs as I am, for slightly different reasons but not really - we both have the story lines of deep seated Pitta carried on from generation to now. I say this often to clients - you have the ability to heal your story line if you wish to see yourself not in the victim state but the creator state.  

And I feel I am ready, this year, for the first time since I learnt from a Doctor of Chinese Medicine that I had the idea of a "dragon" whirling inside trying to bust out (fire trapped). This is the first time in a long time I feel ground and solid enough to tackle it.

At any point you can stop, turn around and stand in the face of the fear.  At any point you can absolve all those before you, if you can see them as part of you.  I once heard from a teacher that you must be a warrior in this lifetime and this is my interpretation of it.  

 I believe the way forward is to manage your immunity and strength to do it.  No warrior goes to war without training for it beforehand.  Neither should you.

Sandra RadjaComment