With each new habit you're dropping skin

Spring is coming in my part of the world.  It has been a cold hard Winter, even the locals say so, and the last two days something cracked.  It feels softer and with that softness, it feels easier to shed.  Isn't that the way?  I have achieved so much more with my Yoga practise when I softened, because my main blockages were Vata/Pitta.  You only really need to bull through when Kapha is at play. Maybe it's why in Ayurveda before they cleanse you in a pancha karma they oil you up inside and out to "soften" the debris.

Soften the habit debris and before you throw out a habit, hold it in your hand for awhile. Literally envision holding it. Just for a few days, then when you feel strong, imagine throwing it out.  

Spring is coming and with the de-robing of clothes, the removing of old ideas and unwanted food habits is being reviewed and it's making space for something fresh.

I'm going to have a new idea today.

Sandra RadjaComment