Even Ayurveda may not be right

How many times do you see conflicting information in Ayurveda?  I see it now and then.  We pull out the scriptures for reference but then we tackle the subject based on education and experience, both being subjective from the viewpoint of the persons insight (whether own or inspired by teacher). 

Ayurveda follows the middle way precept of Buddhism and it teaches us to trial and error ourselves.  It's called Upashaya.  It doesn't only mean that sometimes you nail it and sometimes you don't for the client, but I personally believe it's for the practitioner also, we need to learn to keep ourselves always learning, always meditating, always striving to remain humble to allow information to come to us.

And so we don't own any of this.  Why I love it so. It's a constant mandala always changing and the medicine appropriate today may not be tomorrow.  How else could we strive for being in the moment if it were otherwise?

Sandra RadjaComment