Taking days to see, feel, smell, hear, touch for inspiration

Melbourne is an exciting city.  Hey, it's my birth city so I'm possibly biased.  It does have a very art focused sleek edge to it.  I've chosen the country living for the sake of my nervous system but a 90 minute train ride into the big smoke is always thrilling and easy enough to do in a day.

Yesterday a friend and I spent the day exploring for our own inspiration for a business start up. Sometimes you don't know how something looks exactly so we decided on a live vision board. Head into a city and talk to people, check out the art and stores that appeal to you. Take moments to have conversations in coffee shops. Our senses were infiltrated.  And even though you may not know what to do with something, it's worth noting what appeals to you. You never know when it might come in handy. And it's invigorating.

Highly recommend a day out opening your mind just taking in ideas.  Especially if you feel stuck in momentum.

Sandra RadjaComment