I wanna be free to do what I wanna do

We are in a world of true expression. There is nothing stopping you from writing and taking photos and singing whatever you want. The market is truly floated and will decide whether your expression is needed for evolution at this point in time.  

It's like this.  I want everyone to be in love.  I love being around people in love. The world is looser and slower when you're in love.  I also want everyone to live their true expression. If you sit with someone long enough, they usually have a pretty good story to tell.

You know... we travel the world looking for that authentic experience - the remote village or stark mountain cave, but listening to your fellow man, right here, well....it's the same experience.  The feeling you get from the story is the same.

You will never be lonely if you know how to listen. Only took me 20 years to figure that one out.