Can I be fat and be a health coach?

I read this on a forum I am part of in Facebook. Of course the answers were all encouraging stating that the important part of the job is to be happy in yourself and no one is perfect, etc

Can you just be happy in yourself because others said so?  I found this to be a strange statement. It said to me that the person hadn't gone on her own journey and known herself in which case how can she show others the way.  

A colleague told me that her teacher,when advising on practises, will let them know whether it's a theory or he knows it to be a truth since it is part of his practise.  The point is not to be perfect but to be on a process of revealing yourself layer by layer. Those before you will gain benefit by your journey so far and you will gain benefit from others more un-layered than yourself.

So to the woman that asked that question, I would say, what's your truth and message to the world.  A health coach is not a job, it should be your world.

Sandra RadjaComment