For a unique paradigm you need to find a unique expression

Side note - I sometimes have folks answer my interview questions in a way that feels formal. In the beginning I would let it be since I didn't quite know how to bring out the looser side of folks. As I gain confidence I try to encourage more of themselves in the story and inevitably a more interesting angle appears. Following a pre set marketing idea for your business or the rules as someone else preset may get you bucks but it sure wont leave an imprint.   

Every single part of who you are up until now is important and part of what you do. The reason I was pretty good at that previous life of accounting and asked to do much remodelling and creating efficient departments was because I had to figure out how to get from A to B in remote villages in the middle of the night where folks didn't speak English.  The reason I love what I do now is because I experienced such a variety of life situations in my journey that I have many stories to illustrate and motivate a point to clients.

Bring it all to the table, spread it out and see what it looks like.  Interesting takes guts, openness and curiousity.

Sandra RadjaComment