Anyone for tennis (ayurveda style)?

What's your counterattack? How are you going to position yourself when you've lost your footing or just feel too tired to play the game? What if the plan of attack fails mid way, how will you keep up with your opponent? How will you figure out a defense?

It's a really good thing to be preventative. Being preventative is a lot easier when you know yourself and your tendencies and have a framework to put them in. That's when you become the chef de cuisine, el hefe, chairman of the board - you know the layout of the land and plan accordingly.But this takes time and we need to potentially unravel cultures, peer pressure, living arrangements, childhood habits and comforts, time and addictions. That's a lot and takes time.

If you read blogs about health that give you a one quick fix (turmeric milk, mouth swishing, manjishta herb) how are you going to figure out the rest of it, assuming you believe that holistic healthcare means ALL OF YOU? 

Enter the dualistic approach of treat the quality with the opposite, aka allopathic medicine (def: a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of remedies (as drugs or surgery) producing effects different from or incompatible with those produced by the disease being treated).

  • Got a cold? Treat with hot.
  • Got a hot temper? Treat with cold.
  • Feeling flighty and nervous? Treat with dense and steady.
  • Got dry skin and feeling like your bowels are scraping through to the exit? Treat with moist.
  • Feeling dull? Spice up your life.
  • Feeling sharp? Sweeten your aromas.
  • Ooops drank too much (pungent) red wine? Treat with bitter.

The Ayurveda formula is - 

Human (likely to screw up now and then)  + Learning about signs and symptoms at early stage of disease + Ayurvedic Counter-attack from being educated as to innate nature = Less guilt, more stamina, more compassion for self which leads to doing the right thing over time and in a sustainable manner.

Tennis anyone?

anyone for tennis (ayurveda style)
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