Woman. I hereby give you permission.

I watched that little snippet from the new Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, when asked why he was conscious of having an equal gender based cabinet and his very fucking cool answer was "because it's 2015".

Hooray.  But then,I thought, wait a minute...

This is how it's been.  This is what I see when I go to yoga schools and listen to the analysis of the scriptures and inevitably there is a debate on the role of woman in the wisdom of the ages. And I thought, why are are we always waiting for permission from the man to do what we want to do? Yes, there was persecution. Yes, in some places it still exists (they haven't reached 2015 yet....on a different time line).  But for the rest of us, those actually in a place to do what we want, why do we need permission from a man to say it's ok.

I see this often in my sessions. Women tell me that their partners aren't supportive and give reasons as to why Ayurveda won't help. And I see the doubt in their faces. I see them all of a sudden find excuses to not do their morning routine. I see them slink back to waiting for permission.

Woman! I give you permission to be well, to be excited about your passion, to be anything you want at any age. 

Actually I take that back. Give yourself permission. 

Sandra RadjaComment