What's the dosha of your radio show?

I'm eaaaaasing into the morning because I taught myself to do it. I taught myself to be slow because my natural pace is GO GO GO. And I haven't had constipation since and my digestion is better and I generally feel more relaxed. Yes I found my rhythm - you can click to it, it's so in tune.

I find the radio music in the am quite lovely. I could listen to my own music I guess but there is something that makes you feel connected to the outside world via the radio - like you're on the same waves as your community.  I like to hear the DJ say "hey it's a gorgeous day out there today...." and you think 'yeah, that's my day too'. Probably why TV is so addictive - it makes you feel like you're part of the same story, even though it's a box you're staring at.

So I'm easing into the morning, the tune might be something low key and you find yourself moving and walking at that pace. You're getting things done and you're feeling quite comfortable with how it's progressing. Then BAM! it changes. Hard rock or electronic beats per minute. And it jars you. Gah! My BPM just went through the roof!

Perhaps the radio is trying to be tri-doshic and appeal to those that need stimulating and those that need comforting, but one thing is certain, the constant change in rhythm totally screws up Vata. Especially if I'm about to eat. Too much back and forth and I need to turn my own tunes on, and disconnect from the waves. So sad.

Once you become sensitive to the way doshas move, you might also find you resonate with certain tones of voices. With the current sugar free fad going on, I imagine we could encourage sweet voices on the airwaves. I dare to imagine it could reduce the amount of drinking to replace the need for satisfaction. It's an idea. 

I appeal to those musically inclined. We don't explore sound therapy enough and radio is such a perfect medium already established. Ambient sounds in healing workshops are great but not everyone has that taste in music. There is such a variety out there and I imagine it requires just tweaking the tones and times of day to make music part of a sustainable environment.