How are you going to choose who will help you heal?

A lot of people like to fool you and say that you’re not smart enough if you never went to college, but common sense rules over everything. That’s what I learned from selling crack.
— Snoop Dogg

The definition of common sense means sound judgement in practical matters. Let's call practical matters your state of health. 

Working as a conduit in health, and by that I mean passing on information that occurs to me through the stored knowledge base as well as voicing things I didn't realise I knew, I personally feel one thing as a truth - if I'm not doing the inner work my ability to be of service will not be as effective. 

Dr Robert Svoboda mentioned in a lecture on omens that if your senses are honed and you have the ability to sit with full attention there is no need for astrology and fortune tellers and such - you take back the power of your own suggestion. You just need to step outside and observe the reactions of your fellow humans.  Ask a question and then pay attention. Even the Bible will back you up with it's adage "ask and you shall receive".  Hmmm doesn't really give you a time line you kind of have to nail this patience thing along the way because APPARENTLY there are others asking too and there seems to be a co-ordination/google calendar/take a number thing going on.

And then there is the claim that there is no linear soul expression, that we work as a spiral revisiting our stories with ever more refinement.  I've been sitting with this for some time now and realise the freedom in the acceptance of your "lot". You don't need to change the lot, but working on the refinement of your senses means you view your lot differently each time you come to it. And with a keener sense of vision, you begin to see the story for what it is.

I hear clients tell me they have lost their sense of smell or taste. THIS should be of prime concern! This is the gateway to decision making. This is true independence!! I know one of the strongest pulls romantically for a lot of people is the sense of smell. It's how babes connect to their mothers and is the first sense to develop.  Kids know how to discern quickly because they use their senses until their mental faculties become more proficient or an adult tells them to believe otherwise. And in my estimation, developing our minds through school doesn't mean we should FORGET how to use our senses, it's supposed to be a marriage between the two - picking up cues and then developing the mind to project with positive intention. Yes?

The mind should be providing a feedback loop with a yes/no trash can of what is life affirming or life sucking but it can only do that with its sense faculties as its side kick, ideally each sense being a pro athlete of it’s own accord.

And so refinement. There is only so far knowledge can take you. It has the power of transformation but it essentially sits inert without the action of sense refinement taking place and that is the job of the healer - to mirror the scriptures back through time and place in as empty a vessel as they can muster and ideally (in my opinion) to encourage the client to hone their own senses to make decisions ever closer to their heart.

So look into the eyes of the person who you choose to heal you. See if it feels like home.

Sandra Radja2 Comments