The sense depravation of Ayurvedic articles

How can you light up your imagination without the use of your olfactory? To me it seems like it's the foundational piece of the sense factory - the bricks and mortar - the stage set from which to play. I engage with you visually and my words have the ability to bring the story to life. We claim in Ayurveda that we treat the individual and not the disease and yet we write for the cold hard facts and not invite the experience. 

We only substantiate the art via scientific studies, but what is science but the art of observation. We wait, patiently we wait to be validated, and in the meantime life presents observations aplenty to determine your path. 

When you studied Ayurveda did you take time to just smell for say a week? It's a good practise to choose one sense a week and let it be the focus of how you make decisions. Where you place attention so flows prana. Smell each ingredient you cook with, smell the person before you kiss them, smell the air each morning - walk outside and decide your sense of smell is gonna determine the FEEL of the day.

In order to understand the qualities to balance, you need to get out there and know the hand from where you stand. We decided the Sankhya philosophy was our backbone - we acknowledged the sense tools to break this journey down. So BE an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Sandra RadjaComment