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I just discovered biodynamic like I just woke up to a whole new world

Sandra Radja1 Comment

I took a one day workshop last Friday - it's on composting from a biodynamic perspective. 

And I'm sitting there as they talk about cow horns and creating environments and leaving nature to do the work it needs to and moon cycles  - and I think, hey wait a minute, this is Ayurveda....but we work with bodies.

And like a few times before in my life my head is whizzing "where have I been and I seem to be the only person here that doesn't know about this..."

There is a woman that sells biodynamic wine at the local farmers market. I think??? I've seen her before.  I generally don't drink that much so maybe that's why I haven't bothered to find out what she sells. But there it was!  The cow horn sitting on her table.  And I bought some. And I heard her story of how they have run a successful farm using biodynamic principles for over 30 years.

And it showed me that you can't know everything.  You might think you see, even the same looking people in a small town, but everything comes in layers.  You peel one off yourself and the environment you're in looks different.  That woman is no longer just a wine seller to me, she comes with an integrity I'm looking for. I didn't know the right questions to ask.

I wonder what else I have my back turned to. This life just keeps unfolding.