Should you trust your gut?

I just googled trusting your gut and got a myriad of responses from Facebook post placards to researched articles. It all looks good to me - get a feeling in your gut, listen and respond.

But there are more digestive issues than ever.  People avoiding certain foods and searching in vain for the perfect diet. And dinner parties just aren't the same anymore - people that avoid foods are being avoided!

We are such huge proponents in Ayurveda that disease begins in the digestive tract and that's mostly where we begin - you've got to get the machinery working first before breaking down food. And since we make decisions by breaking down information, wouldn't you think it might be wise to make sure your organism is well equipped to do so before trusting it?

It is true that you should avoid certain things when you are in a compromised situation, namely a weakened state that can only take in so much.  My teacher says 'treat the violent then the silent' and this would ring true where there is an inability to digest certain situations.  But if it's the state of fear that is creating a wall between holding onto what is familiar and taking on new ideas that might bring you to a whole new world, well I reckon that "gut feeling" which may feel uncomfortable might be worth sitting with for awhile, to watch how it unfolds. 

In may not be telling you the whole story.

In the concept of the six stages of disease, we consider the first two stages give us prompts to bring us back to our natural state, or homeostasis. That means, in the early stages you are naturally choosing what brings you back to balance. However, once the disease has been ignored from the digestive tract, and it enters into the circulatory system and then into any tissue area that is weak, this is termed perverted taste - meaning the body will crave the things that push it further out of balance or like increases like.

So when you are talking about trusting your gut, is it really your gut that is reacting or disease looking to further its cause?


Sandra RadjaComment